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My face piercings

Since approximately 2012 , I have collected a few piercings which I would consider to be accidental. I never really knew about piercings until I went to get my belly button pierced (of all places to get a first piercing) and began to realise just how many other types of piercings there were. Unfortunately, I don’t have my belly button piercing anymore but I do have a few others that I’m going to be talking about, including the pain out of 10, the procedure, and the healing process. I use salt water solution to clean my piercings which has always worked a treat.

One thing to note is I consider myself to have a slightly above average pain tolerance so what you find painful may have been quite easy for me and potentially vice versa. People also deal with pain in various ways. My Mum pulls faces when she’s in pain and I have noticed I tend to kick out my leg for some unknown reason, even with the lower pain scale piercings. Another thing worth mentioning is all of my piercings were done at one of two places, Sacred Gallows or One Life in Eastbourne which I would both recommend.

I’m only mentioning face piercings this time because otherwise this post would be far too long. My ear piercings in a future post will follow in the next few days. Anyways, let’s get to it.

From top to bottom: nostril piercing, septum piercing, Medusa piercing, vertical labret piercing

Nose Piercing: Nostril – 4/10 first time, 6/10 second time.

I’ve had my nose pierced twice now (in the same location) as I accidentally lost the jewellery first time round and it ultimately closed up, which explains why the second time round was more painful as it was going through scar tissue.

The first time round was a very easy process for me. I’ve found my nose piercings to be relatively easy when it comes to pain. The only thing that’s slightly annoying is how uncomfortable it is. This is because your eyes water and you have the sudden urge to sneeze which you end up desperately trying to stop. This happened both times but I’ve come to expect that with nose piercings so you do get used to it.

Nose Piercing: Septum – 3/10 both times.

I unfortunately voluntarily took out my Septum Piercing the first time because I simply didn’t like it at the time. Not sure why. I got it re-pierced this year and it’s now one of my favourite piercings. The pain was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever experienced. It didn’t feel like pain, almost like an intense tickling sensation.

Both times were the same in terms of pain level and the healing process for both was very easy and quick. However, the second one and current one I have in wasn’t as smooth. Unfortunately, one of the balls on my horseshoe jewellery came off and I was paranoid it was going to fall out so I ended up buying some of those click jewellery things (I don’t know the proper term) and since then, it’s been fine!

Lip Piercing: Medusa – 5/10

One of my favourite piercings, this one. I know I’ve said it before but shhh. The pain was slightly nippy with this one but definitely bearable. It was also a dream piercing when it came to the healing process. I had no problems whatsoever and as I’m typing this, I’m desperate to change the jewellery.

The clamp was actually really uncomfortable from memory. I remember it inside my mouth and thinking “ew, hurry up.” It’s not painful though. Just uncomfortable.

Lip Piercing: Vertical Labret – 9/10

Oh my god, I have never experienced pain more excruciating than this piercing. It’s definitely a deceiving piercing as I went in thinking this would be a breeze. It definitely wasn’t.

For starters, the clamp actually hurts with this because it almost feels like your lip is being pinched. It’s not a nice feeling. Secondly, the needle felt like it was taking ages to go through and then the jewellery going through was awful. It’s not exactly the quickest piercing in the world. The pain was worth it though because I adore this piercing. The healing process definitely made up for the pain as it was also really quick and smooth and I had no issues with keloids. In fact, none of my face piercings have had these issues.

And that’s part one of my piercing post. My ear piercings will follow shortly in the next couple of days so keep an eye out for that. If you have any questions about the piercings I’ve mentioned, feel free to message me on twitter or comment below.


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