2018 · Bullet Journal

My Favourite Bullet Journal Spreads

If you’ve been following my blog, my twitter or my instagram, then you will know I regularly use a bullet journal as a means of decorative relief (it actually works) and as a way of attempting to organise my life.

If you were to see the original video on the bullet journal, what the man who created the bullet journal shows is completely different to what I’m about to share. But that’s the beauty of the bullet journal. It can be used however you want it to be used. Now I’ve mentioned before I have a studygram account and some of the people I follow completely interpret and decorate their bullet journal completely differently to me. Some like to be completely minimalistic whereas others like to be maximulistic (I have no idea if they’re legit words but whatever). Here are just a few of the accounts I follow and their interpretations of the bullet journal system.

You can see how others interpret it differently! I myself am very much an organised mess in my bullet journal. 99.9% of my spreads are full. If there is empty space, I am likely to fill it with doodles, washi tape, calligraphy etc. Anything to cover the space. I often wonder why I like to do that and I feel like it’s a coping mechanism for me. I’ve mentioned before my experiences with mental health and how it’s been a struggle for me but using something like a bullet journal, which I’m able to interpret how I want, is a way for me to sit and relax and do what I want.

Here are some of my favourite spreads from my 2018 bullet journal. I have made a previous blog post about using a bullet journal which you can find here

So these are my favourite spreads! The majority of them are weekly spreads. However, you’ve probably noticed some trackers and my year in pixel spread which is SO popular on pinterest and instagram.

Why are these my favourite? Well I like the way they look, I love how full on they are and how busy the spreads are, I love the way they function and I love the little journal segments throughout. I think one of the reasons my bullet journal is almost like a coping mechanism is because I’m able to use it like a diary. I can vent to it and it won’t judge me. Cheesy, I know but for me, writing stuff that’s on my mind is a good way for me to cope.

If anyone would like any tips on how to start a bullet journal, what supplies they need, how the system works and how you can adapt it to your own needs, then I would be more than happy for you to comment or message me on one of my social media platforms. That’s all for now.


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