2017 · Student Life

I have all 5 uni offers ???

Well I certainly didn’t expect this to happen so quickly. At the beginning of November, I sent off my UCAS application and by the end, I had all 5 offers which is just insane and thrilling and exciting and terrifying and lots of other adjectives.

I’ve mentioned before that I suffer with anxiety and university was something that I was convinced would never happen. The idea of being away from family and moving into a different type of teaching environment frightened the life out of me. There were times where I was insistent that I wasn’t going to apply.

Eventually, I realised that I had to apply because I don’t have to accept them if I feel like I’m not ready and I could even accept a university close to home if the thought of being away from family became too overwhelming.

So obviously I’ve applied to do Politics at every single university I’ve applied for because Politics seems interesting and appealing to me and it’s something I’m passionate about which is why I decided on it.

I then had to choose 5 universities to apply for which was a lot easier said than done. I think I changed my choices at least 5 times but one thing I was certain about was the idea of studying in London. Providing I was in a place where my anxiety wasn’t too overwhelming, that was and still is the dream.

Very quickly, I realised that I had fallen in love with Queen Mary. My friend visited the university open day and absolutely loved it and that encouraged me to go on a campus tour which allowed me to look around the university and get a generic understanding. That’s something I would definitely recommend by the way. If you can’t make it to the open days, most universities have campus tours running mostly every week. They’re really insightful.

The next process was working on my personal statement which was extremely fun. Trying to come up with some made up stuff to make you sound interesting for 47 lines was certainly the highlight of October for me. I went through two drafts before my personal statement was deemed acceptable and here we are.

I now have to go through the decision of deciding what I want as my firm choice and what I want as my insurance. Oddly enough, I’m more conflicted over my insurance than my firm. I know I’m going to firm Queen Mary but what I put for my insurance? Who knows.

(This is hopefully the start of Blogmas which I’m super excited about! Just a heads up I have mocks in the middle of December so I’m sorry if I don’t upload every single day but hey, let’s at least attempt this!)

See you tomorrow!


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