2017 · Arts


When I was younger, my Grandpa used to take me to the sweet old Devonshire Park Theatre or the grand Congress Theatre to see a variety of things such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Hobbit, a show about Irish Dancing and of course an annual pantomime. I remember these moments vividly, the excitement of seeing something on stage, waiting impatiently for the lights to dim and the orchestra to start. These are moments that I still treasure every day.

Theatre has always been a big love of mine. Coming from a family that likes to get theatre vouchers for Christmas, it seemed inevitable that I would follow suit one day. Now I’m always going up to London or other places to catch a show.

Admittedly, I can’t go to the theatre as much as I would like to (perks of being a young poor broke student) but I’m hoping as I got older these opportunities will arise.

That’s why I like to treasure every show as much as possible and that’s why #Lovetheatreday is such a lovely day for me. Theatre takes you to so many weird and wonderful places in the space of a few hours and it’s lovely to take some time out from the real world.

Some of my favourite shows that I’ve been to seen include The Boys in the Band featuring the likes of Mark Gatiss, Daniel Boys and Ian Hallard to name a few, Hamlet featuring the incredible Andrew Scott, Lovesong of the Electric Bear with Ian Hallard and Mosquitoes with the lovely Olivia Colman. All of these shows hold very dear memories to me.

Theatre will always be a big part of me and I will continue to love and support it for as long as possible.

So Happy #Lovetheatreday everyone!

Love Beth


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