2017 · Beauty

My Second Tattoo

It’s official. I have caught the tattoo bug. I suddenly want to get about 58 more. On Wednesday 11th October, I decided to cure that bug a little bit and I got my second tattoo. A set of dice on my inner ankle.

Now I’d love to say that this tattoo was a breeze and it didn’t hurt at all and I was very comfortable throughout the process but alas, it hurt. A lot.

Don’t get me wrong, the pain is bearable but it’s just very uncomfortable. Compared to my other tattoo which is along my inner arm, this one was a nightmare. I mean, some parts of the tattoo were fine like the dots but the outline, especially as it got lower on my ankle, was not nice. But as I said, the pain is bearable. I didn’t cry or scream. I just let my tattoo artist get on with it.

The end result is everything I could have hoped for. I’m in love with this tattoo so much and I had no idea the dice were from The Nightmare before Christmas until my tattoo artist told me so win win. That’s why the dice aren’t symmetrical or straight (like me). They’re meant to be like that and I like that style of design anyway. Overall, I am in love.

That’s it for today but I will see you soon.

Love Beth


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