End of Year Goals

I honestly can’t believe we’re in October of 2017. It seems like yesterday when the entirety of my twitter timeline were screaming “Happy new year!” and waving goodbye to 2016.

A lot has happened since January but that’s for a different post later on in December. For this post, I’m going to be talking about my end of year goals. You see, I’m quite a forgetful person. I make new year resolutions every year and then I end up forgetting about them. Therefore, I think it’s important for me to set some goals now that I can hopefully complete.

Goals are important. They help you to keep on track and succeed. I try to make them as often as I can and keeping them on my blog is a good way of making sure I’m ticking them off.

These goals have no specific theme or anything. It’s just things I want to succeed with and here they are.

1) Practice Calligraphy

Recently, I got my own brush pen from Tombow. I’ve been a fan of calligraphy since joining the studyblr community and I’ve always wanted to try it for myself. Before using a brush pen, I used to do it by hand which means I would draw the letters with a thin gel pen and put the thicker lines in myself rather than using a brush pen to create the thickness of the lines.

The brush pen is taking a lot of getting used to which is why I want to practice everyday if I can. I was expecting not to be the most amazing at calligraphy but hopefully with practice, I can make it look good!

2) Aim to go for a walk everyday

One of the things I’ve noticed is I don’t really appreciate what is essentially on my doorstep. I live near the sea, there’s a gorgeous park a quick stroll away and some beautiful scenery within it all. Walking is actually such a calming activity for me. I love daydreaming by nature and it makes me feel so at ease with the world. It’s something I definitely want to focus on!

3) Focus on my Bullet Journal

My Bullet Journal is one of my favourite things that I’ve picked up this year so this goal is more about maintaining than anything else. It helps me keep on track with tasks, helps me to get organised and it also allows me to unleash some creativity. I hope to continue with this for many years to come.

4) Read more

College work has meant I’ve neglected reading. I love reading and I always feel a sense of calm when I get into a book so it’s a shame I don’t do it more. This is something I definitely want to work on more so if any of you have any book recommendations, I’d really appreciate it!

That’s it for today. See you very soon!

Love Beth


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